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Spring 2024



When crisis pregnancy centers began in the early 1990s, the plan was crystal clear—to offer compassionate care to women considering abortion through pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and education.


And it worked.


According to The Lozier Institute, Federally Qualified Health Centers and pregnancy resource centers outnumber Planned Parenthood 14-to-one. While there are more than 5,300 Federally Qualified Health Centers and another 2,700 pregnancy centers, there are only 585 Planned Parenthood locations in the United States.


We were winning the war.


However, the landscape has changed since Roe v. Wade was overturned and COVID-19 entered the scene. We can see now that the abortion industry has actively been working on a strategy that would work long-term, namely selling the abortion pill online.

Abortion medication pills formerly made up 50% of abortions in the US. Now, it’s not projected that in the next two years, 90% of abortions will happen via the pill—sold online and shipped to the front door of women who want it.


In 2023, we began a two-year plan to reach more abortion-minded men and women in Kansas City. First, we decided to open a Virtual Center instead of a fifth brick-and-mortar. With the selling of the abortion pill online (and now at your local CVS and Walgreens), our need to create a DoorDash- or Amazon-like experience for our clients is more pressing than ever. Our Virtual Center officially launched in January 2023 and served nearly 400 clients in its first year. We aim to reach those most vulnerable in our communities through strategic social media marketing.


Step two involves reaching more dads through our Dads Matter® program. Partners often ask us, “Why dads?” Well, there’s an old missionary philosophy. When you venture into a culture to reach them for Jesus, the most effective approach is to reach the head of the household. Statistics show that if you reach the father, you’ll reach the rest of the family nearly 90% of the time. It’s the same here at Resource Health. If we can reach dads and have them advocate for their babies’ lives, 91% of the time, moms will do the same. Reach dad, not only save baby but also spare mom from the trauma of abortion and hopefully see the entire family come to faith in Jesus. This strategy may feel short-sighted to some, but we are witnessing lives saved because the men we serve believe that dads matter. Not only does this work—it’s countercultural! By investing in these men, we show them that they matter and that their role is crucial. The nuclear family is a gift from the heart of our Heavenly Father, and we work to see that restored in the families we serve.


Our final step is to offer counseling to abortion-wounded clients—women and men who have already had or been affected by abortions in the past and carry the guilt and shame of that choice. National statistics tell us that at least 43% of women who have had an abortion will have another in her lifetime. We want to reach the hearts of these women, not only to see them liberated from their pain but also to help save the lives of their future children.


As an integral part of our ministry, we’re asking you to consider the following prayerfully:


  • Make a gift towards the costs of counseling those women and men healing from abortion.
    Resource Health now has a licensed practical counselor on staff to be able to meet with clients who have had a prior abortion. Like previously stated, 43% of women who have had one abortion will have another in her lifetime. Our hope is that through this service we will be able to help clients acquire healing from their abortion and save the lives of their future children. Would you consider pioneering this project with a gift?

  • Make a 3–5-year commitment to sustain the growth of the ministry.
    Over the last 30 years, we have continued to experience continuous growth. A long-term commitment assures that more lives will be rescued from abortion and more families will hear about the love of Jesus. Men and women will be equipped with truth and tools to build a healthy family. Would you consider making a long-term commitment?

  • Sponsor a family.
    The cost of sponsoring a family from the moment they walk through the door till the time they graduate our Mom Strong™ or Dads Matters® program costs $1,200. A commitment of $1,200 a year (or $100 a month) will help us serve each family well. We hope to serve 350 families in 2024 alone. How many families can you support with your gift of $1,200 or more?


We recognize that with the addition of STD Testing & Treatment, counseling, and fatherhood services, it can feel like venturing into uncharted territory. Our prayer is that you will catch the vision as we make essential pivots like these to meet and serve abortion-vulnerable clients where they are.


We understand that some of you reading this letter can give more than $1 million, and a gift of $100 would be a sacrifice for some of you. We ask that you prayerfully give your best gift to minister to many more. Our goal is to raise $600,000 by July 1, 2024.


If you are interested in hearing more about these plans or our tax credit program, I would love to meet with you! Please feel free to contact me directly through email at or 816-875-2130. It would be my pleasure to meet you personally and learn more about how we can impact the Kingdom together!

Together for Life,

Alissa Gross

Chief Development Officer

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