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February 2024



Many years ago, a young German boy witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust from the pews where he went to church. At 11:00 a.m. sharp each Sunday, a train filled with Jewish captives would rattle past the church windows as sermons were being preached to encourage living the Christian life. One Sunday, in the spring of 1944, the train came to a screeching halt right out the front door of the sanctuary. Despite the great commotion, congregants did their best to listen to the sermon and finally began to sing loudly to drown out the cries for help coming from those being taken away to death. In his innocence, the boy went out to see what was happening and came face to face with one of the victims. It horrified him. As he grew to be an old man, he never forgot that although the church members were sickened by what was happening, they did nothing to save the lives of the people in the train cars. I pray that you understand that we live in a day of a new Holocaust. 


As we walk into the New Year at Resource Health, we are reminded how faithful the Lord is to provide for the work He has called us to. We are also aware that we could make a greater impact if more believers were brave enough to come face-to-face with the victims of this tragedy. 


Despite the last few years of changing laws and strong opposition to our ministry, together, we have taken a strong stand against our opponents as they continually attempt to convince us that abortion is good for women and their families. Unfortunately, they have a fierce alliance with the national media, and too many in the body of Christ are content to believe what they hear.

Here is some painful truth. 


• Abortion by mail-order drugs is on the rise.

• Across the nation, abortion rights activists are working hard to close centers like Resource Health because of the work we do.

• In Missouri alone, 17 pro-abortion initiative petitions have been filed to make abortion again available across our state.


It is true that we made an impact on many lives in 2023. Over 2100 clients received services like STI testing and treatment, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes, and mentoring. We were very excited to serve nearly 350 clients through our virtual center alone, most of whom were considering abortion as the solution to their unplanned pregnancies.


As exciting as that is and as grateful as we are to have had the chance to serve these families, we want to do more. As a 2023 donor, we thank you for your participation in accomplishing the work. If you are someone who has become distracted from the value you bring to those we serve, we invite you back in 2024—there is still so much work to be done! As a partner with Resource Health, will you help us spread the word and encourage others to join us? Because of your generosity, our impact this past year has increased. Let’s not drown out the sadness of this travesty with sermons and songs. Let’s get to work and see what the Lord will do because of our sacrifice and obedience. We are stronger together.

Transforming Lives

Your Support Makes Stories Like Bethany’s Possible


At Resource Health, we witness incredible stories of transformation every day thanks to the unwavering support of our generous donors. One such story unfolded last fall when a teenage client named Bethany walked through our doors, scared, and considering abortion. Her journey, fueled by the compassionate care and resources provided by Resource Health, is a testament to the impact of your continued support.

Bethany’s story began with fear and uncertainty. Facing an unexpected pregnancy, she grappled with the difficult decision of whether to proceed with an abortion or choose life for her baby. Fortunately, her mother (who herself had been a teen mom) stood by her side, encouraging her to embrace the challenges of parenthood while still pursuing her dreams.


The pivotal moment in Bethany’s journey occurred during an ultrasound at Resource Health. Witnessing the miracle of life through the visual of her baby and hearing the heartbeat, Bethany’s perspective shifted. With newfound hope and determination, she began considering the possibility of parenting.


Bethany engaged with one of our Motherhood Education Coordinators, planning to attend our Mom Strong classes that would set her on a path to acquire the skills and knowledge needed for successful parenthood. However, as life’s challenges often present themselves, we lost touch with Bethany after she initially connected with our services.


Today, we are thrilled to share that Bethany reached out to us with heartwarming news. In her text message, she expressed her gratitude for the guidance and support she received during a critical time in her life. Bethany, now a proud mother, shared photos of her beautiful baby girl, a living testament to the impact of choosing life and the positive influence of Resource Health.


Bethany’s story is just one of many that highlights the tangible impact of Resource Health’s programs and services. Your continued support ensures that we can reach more individuals facing similar challenges, offering them hope, guidance, and the resources they need to make life-affirming decisions.


As donors, you play a vital role in transforming lives and creating stories of hope like Bethany’s. Your commitment to Resource Health enables us to be a beacon of support for individuals facing unplanned pregnancies. Together, we can continue making a difference, one life at a time. Thank you for your ongoing generosity and belief in the power of compassion, education, and choice.

In Loving Memory of Moe Edwards

On Sunday, December 31st, Moe Edwards, devoted husband of Kathy for 45 years, went to be with his Savior, Jesus. Moe leaves a cherished legacy within the Resource Health community.


For over three decades, Moe was affectionately known as “Mr. Rachel House,” dedicating much of his life to being the dependable handyman, mover of office furniture, and fixer of all things broken. His joyful and faithful service alongside Kathy played a pivotal role in the growth of the ministry of Rachel House.


Moe’s impact on Rachel House/Resource Health has been profound, and though we deeply miss him, we find solace in knowing that he is now in the presence of his Lord, Savior, and Friend. While we eagerly anticipate the day when he will be reunited with his beloved Kathy, the enduring legacy of Moe Edwards continues to thrive each day at RH.  

Partner Spotlight

Clayton & Tricia Ward

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Next to creating a life, the finest thing a man can do is save one.” Resource Health is a wonderful example of living out this quote on a daily basis. Our family has loved volunteering, donating, and serving alongside them in the cause to serve women, men, and their unborn babies with dignity and the love of Christ. The staff who work at Resource Health are phenomenal examples of what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus. They serve our communities in many different capacities time and time again. We have had the pleasure of becoming close with numerous individuals who work for Resource Health, and they have positively impacted our family’s lives in a variety of ways throughout the years.


My wife, Tricia, was an advocate for Resource Health for several years prior to us adopting our youngest son. During the adoption process, we discovered that our son’s biological mother had been a client at Resource Health. Our family has witnessed firsthand the process come full circle in the multiple ways Resource Health serves its clients. One of those services includes adoption as a loving option for women and men who are facing unplanned pregnancies. We partner with this organization because we believe that every life is valuable and that every life is created by God on purpose for a purpose. We look forward with great anticipation to the future and all that Resource Health continues to do to serve those in our communities.

Staff Highlight
Mariah Bundrick MA, LPC

Client Counseling Coordinator

With gratitude and excitement, we are pleased to introduce Mariah Bundrick. Mariah brings with her extensive experience in pro-life and adoption ministry, and we are thrilled to welcome her to our staff as a Licensed Practical Counselor for our clients. The addition of this new service marks a significant milestone for Resource Health, fulfilling a long-held dream to provide in-house counseling to our clients.


Mariah joined Resource Health as the Client Counseling Coordinator in October 2023. Her journey has been diverse, starting as an elementary and middle school teacher, editor, and freelance writer. In 2001, she left teaching to pursue her dream of becoming a licensed professional counselor and concurrently accepted a position at Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) in Springfield, Missouri.


After seven years as the Client & Volunteer Services Director at PCC, Mariah transitioned into adoption services, dedicating 13 years to this field. Her career reached its pinnacle in 2021 when she retired as the Executive Director of the Missouri Office of Nightlight Christian Adoptions (formerly Love Basket, Inc.). Currently, she is honored to serve on the board of the Alliance for Life of Missouri.


Mariah’s passion for affirming motherhood, promoting family, de-fending life in the womb, educating about adoption, and supporting individuals on their healing journey has driven her to serve at three non-profit organizations for nearly 25 years. Believing that life-affirming Christians never truly retire, she sought God’s guidance for her next ministry venture.


Mariah feels a divine connection to the position at Resource Health, fostered through a local, mutual friend. Throughout her journey, she has also served in full-time church and Christian higher education ministry alongside her husband, David, for over three decades. Her greatest legacy to this world is embodied in her three remarkable adult children, who now contribute their gifts and talents in service to others, and her six precious grandchildren.


In a world that can often be chaotic, many of our clients require a calming voice and compassionate care, enriched with both spiritual and practical guidance. Mariah’s role extends beyond leading post-abortion recovery sessions; she will also establish connections with other Christian counselors in Kansas City to ensure that Resource Health clients in need of long-term counseling receive the support they require.


We anticipate that Mariah’s dedication to serving the Lord in this capacity will result in wonderful testimonies of positive impact. We extend our warmest welcome to her and embrace the valuable contributions she will bring to our mission at Resource Health.

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